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2012 HISA Mobile Health App Challenge

In 2012 it is no secret that application software, also known as applications or more commonly 'apps,' have become embedded into our everyday environment. Designed to help users perform specific tasks, HISA recognises the potential of mobile applications to assist and improve health and the healthcare of consumers.


Participants are required to design and present an idea for an innovative e-health related mobile application that facilitates and improves the way individuals experience or receive healthcare. Areas may include, but are not limited to:

  • Services provided by healthcare professionals at the point of care
  • Health literacy, self-management and decision-support skills for consumers
  • Ageing independently at home

The target users for the app can be clinicians, patients or consumers. The application must be developed for a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device.


The HISA Mobile Health App Challenge is open to any active student registered (full or part time) with an accredited university or TAFE in Australia.

Teams from multiple institutions may join together into one team with a maximum of 6 participants. More than one team can come from a single academic institution.


Participants are encouraged to be bold and creative in the presentation of their idea. The final presentation may take the form of a poster, video, or powerpoint presentation.


Submission videos will be displayed on the HISA website. HISA members will have the opportunity to log onto the submissions gallery and vote on the app that they think will offer the most to the e-health community based on the following criteria:

  • Usability: Will the application be easy to navigate and use?
  • Appearance: Is the application attractive and designed with appropriate use of colours, logos, shapes etc?
  • Perceived value in healthcare: Will the application be of added value in healthcare? Was the application designed appropriately for its intended users?
  • Effectiveness: Will the app acheive what it is designed to do?
HISA APP challenge

"your invited!"

HISA APP challenge


Step 1: Complete and submit an online registration form.

Step 2: Agree to terms and conditions.

Step 3: HISA processes registration and advises registrant of their acceptance into the competition.

Step 4: Participants have until Monday the 11th of July to design and create the presentation of their application (before submitting please read in full the competition terms and conditions).

Step 5: Completed presentations are accepted electronically by the 11th (full information about materials for final submissions will be made available to participants on confirmation of registration).


The winner of the HISA Mobile Health App Challenge will have the privilege of exhibiting their application at HISA's annual conference HIC 2012 in HealthBeyond: The Interactive E-Health Experience. They will have the opportunity to exhibit their application alongside experts in the field. They will also be presented with an award at the HIC Gala Dinner, and will have the ability to network with leaders in the health informatics field.

2012 HISA Mobile Health App Challenge Now Available!