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Ambulance Service of New South Wales

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Ambulance will be showcasing a range of new and exciting innovations this year. Come look inside the brand new Ambulance and inspect its new features including the new hydraulic lift stretcher.

Ambulance's latest technology, the Electronic Medical Record will be demonstrated to show how it benefits patients, paramedics and hospital staff.

Autumn Care

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AutumnCare is dedicated to providing high quality enterprise grade clinical software solutions that enhance care and improve clinical productivity. HealthBeyond enables us to show how this is achieved in both the Community Care and Residential Care settings.

Care Innovations

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Intel-GE Care Innovations™ is a new company aimed at being a catalyst for changing health care models. To do so, we create technology-based solutions that give people confidence to live independently.

Care Innovations has been formed from a combination of GE Healthcare's Home Health Division and Intel's Digital Health Group. As we begin our journey, we're proud to carry with us a legacy of product excellence, leadership in health care solutions and advocacy, and world-class innovation.

Diversionary Therapy Technologies

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Diversionary Therapy Technologies and ditto ... turning kid's pain around ...
ditto™ is a portable, medical device that provides support to your healthcare team, your patients and their families. Our interactive technology helps children to understand their medical procedures and reduce their pain and anxiety.

Randomised clinical trials have shown:
-Significant reduction in pain scores*
-Decreased anxiety and distress*
-Reduced healing times*
-Increased clinic productivity*

HTR Custom Software Solutions

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HTR supports HealthBeyond because we believe it will give people a better appreciation of the complexity of the healthcare system. They become familiar with the sophisticated technologies that are being employed to improve their health. Consequently, knowledgeable and better prepared people help to improve the delivery of healthcare services as their need arises at each point in their life cycle.

Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic Toughbook

Panasonic Toughbook healthcare solutions have a rugged and ergonomic design, built to survive the knocks and drops of a busy medical environment. They enable medical professionals to access and update critical medical information at the bedside. The proven benefit of these solutions is improved patient care and safety and staff productivity. Valuable time with the patient is maximised, and access to critical data means errors can be reduced.

Surgical Multimedia

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The Inviza patient education product range is developed in partnership with clinical experts and specific patient populations. It is designed as an adjunct to the surgical informed consent process and to facilitate doctor-patient communication. It provides an evidence-based, standardized, accessible information resource for patients, their families, carers and healthcare providers.


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Technogym's innovative solutions make wellness simple and achievable for all. Their Forma range of equipment offers performance and functionality with a unique design for the home; mywellness key is a device that measures the quantity and intensity of movement to encourage you to adopt a more active lifestyle.